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Talking about Rodrigo means talking about his parents to start with. Nelson (Neco) and Regina are 'cariocas' (born in Rio de Janeiro). The father, fascinated with horses, and the mother with dogs and plants. They moved to Chantilly, France in 1965, a few years later, Rodrigo was born in the American Hospital of Paris in 1972.

From an early age Rodrigo was very precocious and curious. He traveled along with Neco to the shows, his love for the sport growing stronger at each stop. Although he was encouraged to pursue his education in the early years, it was clear that Rodrigo would follow Nelson's famous footsteps into a show jumping career. Rodrigo preferred the school of life, learning new cultures and languages along his journey. It is because of this menagerie  of cultures that Rodrigo is now proficient or fluent in seven languages (French, Portuguese, English, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch).

As his own career began to blossom, Rodrigo and Nelson became teammates for several Championship events and even jumped off against each other for the prestigious title of the Grand Prix of Aachen in 1994. It was Nelson's selfless support that truly catapulted Rodrigo into the winner's circle. Forty years of worked passed on to the next generation to continue to run with.

Organizing a Tournament

Starting in 2004,  Nelson and Rodrigo began organizing a horse show in thier adopted hometown of Brussels, Belgium.  Alongside business partner Christophe Ameeuw, the Audi Equestrian Masters was able to exceed all expectations. The show ran very successfully up through 2008 and was even the host of the Rolex I.J.R.C Top Ten Final. The year 2009 brings new challenges as we have changed venues and will now be hosting our show in Paris. The new city has provided the event with even more sponsor opportunities and networking. We are very enthusiastic about our partnership with Gucci, they are a brand with enormous reach and we are exciting to welcome them to the equestrian world.

Gucci Masters

My Family

o tell you a little about myself, let me start from what I enjoy doing. I love beaches in the summer and mountains in the winter to go skiing. When I go to Brazil I usually go to Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis and São Paulo. I really loved the trip I took to Costa do Sauípe, in Bahia. I am recently remarried, we had a wonderful party with all of our family and friends in America on September 19th, 2009. Shortly thereafter Alexa and I went on holiday to the Maldives and there I found true paradise.

My daughter Cecilia is now seven years old and has started 1st grade in San Diego where she lives with her mom. "CC" and I try to see each other as much as possible which always involves a lot of travel but it is always worth it. Alexa, my parents and I cherish our time with her and are always searching for new ways to entertain her. This year we will celebrate Thanksgiving together and go on a ski holiday over New Year's. 

Hobbies are Golf and Motorsports

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