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Olympic Champion Athens 2004 Baloubet
World Champion Roma 1998 Lianos
Volvo World Cup Helsinki 1998 Baloubet
FEI World Cup Goteborg 1999 Baloubet
FEI World Cup Las Vegas 2000 Baloubet
Individual Silver Pan Am Games Rio de Janeiro 2007 HH Rufus
Team Bronze Olympics  Atlanta 1996 Tom Boy
Team Bronze Olympics  Sydney 2000 Baloubet
Team Gold Pan Am Games Buenos Aires 1995 Tom Boy
Team Gold Pan Am Games Rio de Janeiro 2007 HH Rufus
Team Silver Pan Am Games Guadalajara 2011 HH Ashley

Grands Prix Wins

Aachen 1994 Special Envoy
Aachen "Prize of Europe" 1992 Special Envoy
Aachen "Prize of Europe" 1993 Special Envoy
Aachen "Prize of Europe" 1999 Lianos
Aachen "Prize of Europe" 2002 Baloubet
Aachen "Nordrein Westphallen" 1997 Special Envoy
Aachen "Nordrein Westphallen" 2004 Baloubet
Aarhus World Cup 1994 Special Envoy
Aarhus 2001 Lianos
Affalterbach AMG 2004 Giffard
Affalterbach AMG 2001 Oberon
Antwerpen 2007 HH Rufus
Amsterdam 2005 Sigane
Amsterdam World Cup 1999 Lianos
Arezzo CSIO 2013 Cadjanine
Arezzo Nation's Cup 2013 Cadjanine
Balve 2003 Baloubet
Berlin Audi Final 1999 Lianos
Berlin Audi Final 2000 Lianos
Bordeaux World Cup  2004 Baloubet
Brussels 2005 Baloubet
Brussels 2006 HH Oasis
Caen 2012 HH Ashley
Calgary Masters 2000 Lianos
Calgary Masters 2001 Lianos
Calgary "CN Reliability" 2002 Lianos
Calgary Derby 2005 Richmont Park
Charlotte 2009 HH Let's Fly
Donaueschingen 1990 Imperial
Dortmund 1996 Rose Garden
Eindhoven Derby 1993 Special Envoy
Falsterbo CSIO 2003 Lianos
Falsterbo CSIO 2006 HH Oasis
Fontainebleau 2001 Bianca
Geesteren 1997 Special Envoy
Geneva World Cup  1993 Special Envoy
Geneva World Cup 2000 Lianos
Geneva World Cup 2002 Baloubet
Geneva World Cup 2004 Baloubet
Geneva GP  1998 Lianos
Geneva Top Ten Final 2003 Baloubet
Geneva Top Ten Final 2005 Baloubet
Hachenburg 2000 Oberon
Harrisburg World Cup 2009

HH Let's Fly

Harrisburg World Cup 2010 HH Ashley
S'Hertogenbosh World Cup 2003 Baloubet
Jacksonville World Cup 2009 HH Let's Fly
Jacksonville World Cup 2011 HH Let's Fly
La Baule Derby 1999 Bianca
La Corunga 2001 Taylor Made
La Corunga 2003 Hermes St Lois
Lanaken GCT Final 2006 HH Oasis
Las Vegas Invitational 2005 Baloubet
Mannheim 1997 Tom Boy
Mechelen World Cup 1992 Special Envoy
Monaco 2002 Bianca
Monaco 2003 Bianca
Nice 1990 Imperial
Paris Bercy World Cup 1993 Special Envoy
Paris Bercy World Cup 2004 Baloubet
Paris Bercy World Cup 2005 Baloubet
Roma CSIO 2009 HH Let's Fly
Rotterdam CSIO 1998 Lianos
Rotterdam CSIO 2002 Baloubet
Sao Paulo 1996 Rose Garden
Tampa American Invitational 2006 Baloubet
Valkenswaard Derby 1995 Punjab
Valkenswaard Derby 1999 Bianca
Valkenswaard Derby 2001 Bianca
Vejer de la Frontera 2004 Harry Potter
Verona World Cup 2002 Lianos
Wellington World Cup 2008 HH Rufus
Wellington World Cup 2009 HH Rufus
Wellington World Cup 2010 HH Night Train
Wellington World Cup 2011 HH Let's Fly
Wellington 4*  2010 Champ
Wellington 2*  2011 HH Palouchin
Wellington 5*  2014 Cadjanine
Wiesbaden 1993 Special Envoy
Wiesbaden 1998 Lianos
Zuidlaren 1992 Société

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